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School-Wide Rules

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School-Wide Rules Empty School-Wide Rules

Post  Sunny Flynn Wed Jan 05, 2011 7:05 pm

1.Be respectful to one another, try to talk out a problem before contacting an admin

2.If you are making some related to another character who is already being played on this site, please ask the person playing that character if it is alright.

3.Keep your cursing under control, you can curse, but just don't go crazy with the privilege.

4.PM an admin if you'll be away for awhile so we know where you went to.

5.You are allowed to RP for another one of your characters with another profile but at least try to get on with your other profile if the other person you are PM'ing is not online and you have time to switch profiles

6.Don't PM people just to get them to join your own website, if you want to tell people about your website, create ONE topic in artwork.

7.Try to post at least once a day, it gets very frustrating to others if you are never on to post with them.

8.Have fun and enjoy yourself on this website!!!

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